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CogniVerse 2023


We are delighted to announce that our club, Neurotechtor Scientific Club, is organizing a conference "CogniVerse" in December 2023. This conference is dedicated to Cognitive Science and Neurotechnology, aiming to bring together students interested in neuroscience research.

You would have an opportunity to present your poster on the poster session, or give a presentation about your research on the talk session. To register click on the link below, and fill out the form (don't forget to hit the send button after you are done).


This is a fantastic opportunity for you to engage in deep discussions, connect with your peers, and cultivate new academic relationships. We look forward to your active participation in making this conference a success.

Looking forward to seeing you at Cogniverse 2023.

Best Regards,

Neurotechtor Scientific Club

NCU, Toruń


Participant Registration (closed)

4.12.2023 abstracts acceptance

no conference fee

Where and when?


on site: ICNT, Wileńska 4, Toruń

room a.3.16

online: discord server (invitations send to emails)






First lecture:
prof. Jacek Matulewski, mgr Albert Łukasik, Klaudia Karkowska "Depth underestimation in AR"

Second lecture:
mgr Jan Nikadon "Using Large Language Models to Quantify Psychological Traits in Text: Lessons Learned and Best Practices for Training and Validation"

dr Joanna Dołżycka "Humanoid avatars in teaching context
Learning performance and Sense of the Self: Pilot study"
dr Joanna Gorgol "Dlaczego sowy mają gorzej? Rola wybranych różnic indywidualnych"
Remigiusz Depta, Krzysztof Wesołek, Milena Celebudzka "Full-body illusion in virtual reality. Study replication using modern VR equipement"

mgr Łucja Trzeciak "Lonely and Selfish? Social decision making and loneliness - investigation with multimodal imaging and experience sampling" 
Zofia Borzyszkowska "Microsaccadic eye movements as a potential indicator of a flow state in gaming" "Mikrosakady jako potencjalny indykator stanu flow w gamingu"
Jacek Jabłoński "How to connect the evolution of language with AR? -Testing the usability of hand gestures" "Jak połączyć ewolucję języka z AR? -Testowanie użyteczności gestów dłoni"
Aleksandra Psyllos "Supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms" "Algorytmy uczenia nadzorowanego i nienadzorowanego"
Patrycja Śmiechowska "Neuroaesthetics- the correlates of experiencing beauty" "Neuroestetyka- korelaty doświadczania piękna"
Michalina Zawartowska "Potencjał wykorzystania modelu ucieleśnionej samoświadomości
(ESA) w psychoterapii tańcem i ruchem (DMT)"
Nina Niewińska, Hubert Kasprzak "Integrating Machine Learning and EEG Analysis for Early Detection of Cognitive Impairments through Olfactory Recognition Tasks" ""

Koło Naukowe Neurotechnologii